Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dogs: Fashion accessory

In the last decade we were witnesses of increase of presence of dog breeds on high-fashion shows, strutting down the catwalk proudly, while giving a special glance to its catwalk owner, the model next to, and a brand itself.

Many scientists, such as e.g. Ph.D. professor from University of British Columbia, Stanley Coren, shrewdly observed that a pet dog improves your mental and physical health. Maybe driven by scientific research, or perhaps own sense (and sensibility), but it is quite obvious that fashion houses often include these lovely pets as catwalk and model accessory. We can easily say that it is/or becoming a trend.

Mulberry Spring 2014
London Fashion Week 2013
One of the most prominent and rather obvious examples of this is wonderful English fashion house Mulberry. Being well-known for amazing leather goodies, in the last couple of years it was almost inevitable to forget Mulberry four-legged friends. Last month at London Fashion Week we had an opportunity to see their example how dogs can finish the catwalk puzzle.

Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2013
 © Copyright Craig McDean
Tommy Hilfiger, an American lifestyle brand is also a very good example of this trend. Their ad campaigns are always filled with lovely French breed basset hounds that give an additional light to their clothing and accessories. 

I am not sure what the official data (if any) are saying, but I am pretty sure that when you see a dog on the street, in papers, magazines or TV, you have that small or rather big grin on your face. Dogs often provoke very soft (sometimes embarrassing) reactions from viewers. Therefore, it makes me wonder, can we say that fashion houses add pets to catwalk for the same purpose as baker does when she/he puts a cherry on top of the cake?
One way or another, we must admit, the concept is effective.

I am one of those who have a soft (embarrassing) happy reaction when I see a dog. Oh, and yes, when I see a good piece of clothing.

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