Monday, August 30, 2010

Suburb lifestyle goes into higher level-Manchester trip

One suburban lil lady decided one day that it was about time to visit UK soil for the first time, but not on an ordinary level.....Lil lady decided to visit the place previously made and underlined somewhere between a dream and reality.....Manchester, UK.

A trip to UK, from Croatia, was a non-stop "mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios" label. Was it because she was pretty much aware that she's gonna see her guy after some time, meetin' his parents or just the fact that she's gonna step onto a UK soil for the first time, not really sure.....But what she was aware of is certaintly the fact that she's the only Balkan girl onboard! Shocking no? An almost 3 hour flight, I pod touch music with Placebo, Alice in Chains and The Stone Roses in the background and a lil snacks, she was finally above the Manchester airport on the point which her heart started bangin' so loud to embarrassment.

Stepping onto the UK soil was amazing. I am aware of the fact that this sounds pretty much tacky, but believe me.....maybe it was. I don't think she would care, to be precise.....

UK border police was pretty much kind. Not that she didn't expect, but still.....She arrived from a country outside of EU with the passport and citizenship of a country that's not even close to enroll into the mentioned Union, so it was pretty close to another "breakdown". The only one, besides two Chinese, in the queue for international/Non EU traveler, she filled the Border form and kindly stepped in, handed her passport, and chatted a lil bit a border officer. Besides the fact that she was supposed to explain every single detail about her trip to UK and even explain what relation does she have with the mentioned person to whom she's going to, it was a pretty nice and constructive lil chat, which also included a very, now known fact, that she's a United fan for the last ten years!

The first thing she noticed, of course besides chick-flick huggin' and very well noticeable kissin' in the middle of the airport (I think you could actually hear the very famous three lil words "get a room"), is style. Or shall I say, no-style-at-all. Shocked? Pretty much. Not that the well known fact of suburb non-style cities wasn't present, but I must say she expected more. Come to think of it, if you are coming from a relatively poor country where, I must say you may notice pretty much stylish people, it's expected that you find more stylish people abroad, especially when it comes to a pretty rich individuals who live in UK. Not that she wasn't aware of the fact that that's Manchester and not capital London, but she did expect more.
Especially when she was slapped with the fact that fashion magazines are double cheaper in UK then in her own country! Stressed by that fact, she entered the "non-secure-money zone" in WHSmith and bought 25 pounds worth of fashion, music and movies magazines. I know.....A well-known psycho is revealed as well as the lil question which popped out: Do you have to be gay or be into Fashion business in order to dress correctly?

Walking through the Manchester for a week was a brand new/fresh start for her half-tormented mind. Besides the fact that she's reunited with her guy, she had a lot of things to think about, like what to wear on a typical Western/UK wedding. After a lil bit of reconsideration and consult with her suitcase, especially if you think about the fact that she wasn't aware that she'll be in a wedding before she came to UK, she decided to be a lil bit simple-classy, to show off that people from Balkan countries can really dress and feel more stylish in comparison to what people think, Balkan rednecks! Silky Penny Black short-sleeve shirt, half-wool dark green pants, dark blue Armani Jeans ballerinas and a beautiful 100% silk scarf, with colory small Desigual letter bag. Very simple, cozy, show-off style. Loud and proud.....and I must say she made it. The fact that the bride was very much interested in all of that including, as she said "gorgeous", it was enough for her. They probably thought "She really didn't look like she's from the Balkans".....That's the catch.
As far as the outfits on the wedding, besides the bride's wedding dress (I must say she was kind a skeptic, if it's not made by Vera Wang, Vivienne Westwood or similar, wedding dresses are pretty much the same kind, and not very original.....but this one was typical but very well made!), it was pretty clear that they are really not able to dress properly. You could have actually seen some pretty shocky images there. Wrong colors, wrong shoes, and Oh dear Lord.....wrong moves!

Conclusion would be simple, UK is still amazing.....but The Balkans are not that bad ha? ;)